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St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church, as members of the Body of Christ, shares the love of God with all by living the Gospel of Jesus. Guided by the Holy Spirit and strengthened by the Sacraments, we strive to deepen our faith through service, education, and outreach to those in need.




Message from Bishop Ronald W. Gainer

On January 22nd, the New York State legislature passed the Reproductive Health Act which Governor Cuomo signed into Law.

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Bishop Gainer to Host Listening Sessions

Bishop Gainer will be hosting Listening Sessions in January and February throughout the Diocese. He invites all members of Saint Rose of Lima with questions or concerns regarding the Grand Jury Report, the Diocese’s response to abuse and the path forward to attend one of these sessions. Please see the bulletin for the full schedule of Listening Sessions.

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St. Rose of Lima Town Hall Meeting

There are a number of important issues that I would like to discuss and receive input on from the entire parish community.

As a reminder, some of those key issues we will need to discuss are the fact that the Print-o-Stat lot is going to be developed and will no longer be accessible for parking, the discussion revolving around certain upgrades to the interior of our church, and the results of the Deanery school study. As I announced last weekend, the decision has been made to continue operating our school with a focus on how we can grow and make it more financially stable. We are going to develop and hold ourselves to certain benchmarks that will be used to measure our success in that endeavor. I would like to use this opportunity to discuss some of those benchmarks in more detail.

I ask for your prayers as we come together to discuss the future and welfare of our parish.

Summary of the Town Hall Meeting

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Coming Soon - Lenten Seafood Meals

Lunch will be served on Ash Wednesday, March 6th from 11:30am until 1:30 pm.  ... Read More »

Cooking for Crowds Training

St. Rose of Lima, in cooperation with Penn State, will be conducting a training ... Read More »

Memorialize Vestments

You may have noticed that, recently, we purchased a new set of green vestments. ... Read More »

Parish Bulletins

Our parish bulletin is the primary way in which our pastor and the staff in the office communicate with each parishioner. To find out what is going on in the parish, and the opportunities to serve the parish and to grow in your Catholic faith, don’t miss a single page of the bulletin. Please also consider patronizing the sponsors who advertise in the bulletin. Through their generosity, the bulletin is produced at no cost to the parish.



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Father Richards Presentations

Father Richards is offering four sessions for parents who have children preparing to receive a Sacrament at St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church.  These discussions will be based on the four pillars of the Catechism.

Session #1 - Profession of Faith - Recorded October 22, 2017.

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Scrip gift cards are a great way to assist St. Rose of Lima parish financially.  Each card that is purchased through this program gives a certain percentage of the card's face value back to the parish.

Scrip cards are available at the Parish office, school and church.  If we don't carry what you need, just ask us and we will order the cards for you.

You can also order scrip online and pick it up at any of the three locations listed above.

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