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Fr. Richards Easter Message

Posted by Steve Douglas on 4/21/17

There is a story told of a dying man whose friend would come to visit him often in the hospital. He always asked the friend to read from a favorite book of his, and visit after visit, he would read from the pages of that same book. It was ... Read More »

Palm Sunday Reflection

Posted by Steve Douglas on 4/05/17

From the earliest years of Christianity the faithful in Jerusalem would reenact the solemn entry of Christ into their city on the Sunday before Easter, holding a procession in which they carried branches and sang “Hosanna” to the Son of God. Over time, this practice spread and became recognizable ... Read More »

Bishop's Annual Lenten Appeal

Posted by Steve Douglas on 3/15/17

Last week we began the Bishop’s Annual Lenten Appeal. I would like to thank everyone who has already pledged or contributed, as so many of you have faithfully done each year. As a reminder, our goal this year is $105,200. By making the Lenten Appeal a priority we not ... Read More »

March 5 Post

Posted by Steve Douglas on 3/02/17

This week we will celebrate the feast of St. Patrick. While many people know St. Patrick as the patron saint of Ireland, you may not know that he is also the patron of our Diocese. Bishop Gainer has issued the following letter regarding his feast day, and asked that ... Read More »