Daily Mass Schedule Change and More

Aug 14, 2017

As I announced two weeks ago, our new daily Mass schedule will go into effect on August 21. One change I would like to point out and encourage everyone to consider attending is the addition of a Holy Hour on Wednesday evening at 6pm. The Holy Hour is a devotional practice, which involves spending time before the Blessed Sacrament, exposed for adoration. From 6 to 7pm, the Eucharist will be placed in a monstrance (a large, gold stand) on the altar. If you have never been to a Holy Hour, or don’t often have the chance to come to Adoration, consider coming this Wednesday to join us.

While the Blessed Sacrament is exposed some people like to pray the rosary, others like to read and meditate on some passage from Scripture, and still others prefer to simply sit in silence with the Lord. There is no right or wrong way to make a Holy Hour. Jesus simply desires our presence. I will also be available during Adoration to hear Confessions, which is an excellent way of increasing our devotion. Even if we aren't aware of serious sin, going to Confession regularly helps keep us close to God, and makes us more aware of where we need the help of His grace.

Finally, if you need any more reason to come, this week's first Wednesday evening Holy Hour providentially falls on the feast of St. Rose of Lima! She is our patroness, who intercedes for us in a special way, and this week's Holy Hour will be an excellent opportunity for us thank God for giving her to us, and forming us into a parish family under her name.