Memorialize Vestments

You may have noticed that, recently, we purchased a new set of green vestments. While our church has a number of chasubles (the vestment worn by a priest during Mass), we do not have many dalmatics (the vestment worn by a deacon.) Dalmatics are similar to a chasuble, but have sleeves instead of being open at the side. They represent the office of a deacon, which is to serve. With the arrival of our new deacon, now is a good time for our parish to acquire matching sets of chasubles and dalmatics. Since green is the color worn during Ordinary Time, which is the longest liturgical season of the year and the one we are in right now, it seemed like a good color to start with. Over time, we hope to have one set in each color for use throughout the year.

A traditional practice when purchasing new vestments is to have them memorialized, that is, donated in someone's memory or honor. Every time they are used at Mass, the minister wearing the vestment prays for that individual in a particular way. If you would like to have one of these new vestments memorialized, please contact the parish office. We will be able to tell you how much the individual vestment costs, and get the information for the person in whose memory you would like to make the donation. We will then have memorial tags with the person's name sewn into each vestment.