Parish Pastoral Council

What is a Pastoral Council?

How is the Parish Pastoral Council established?

What does the Parish Pastoral Council do?

Who is on the Parish Pastoral Council?

Ex Officio Members


Fr. Bill Garrott - O.P. Administrator, St. Rose of Lima Parish - [email protected]


Randy James - Principal, St. Rose of Lima of Lima Elementary School - [email protected]


Brad Sizemore - Director of Religious Education - [email protected]


Suzanne Kahler - Parish Pastoral Council Secretary



Elected Members


Vacant(Chair) - Liturgy         


Vacant(Vice-Chair) - Evangelization        


Pam Alexander - Liturgy

Joyce Bankowski - Evangelization     



Al Savard - Pastoral Ministry


Brandy Goodman - Ecumenism and Interfaith Concerns


Joe Bunty - Education


Racheal Nicholas - Education


Walt Kuhl - Education


Clifton Laughman - Education


Heather Sizemore - Education


Mim Root - Education



Vacant - Ecumenism and Interfaith Concerns


Walter ‘Doc’ Zimmerman - Social Concerns and Outreach