Parish Pastoral Council

What is a Pastoral Council?

How is the Parish Pastoral Council established?

What does the Parish Pastoral Council do?

Who is on the Parish Pastoral Council?

Ex Officio Members


Fr. Father Dominic Azagbor,OP   Pastor, St. Rose of Lima Parish - [email protected]


Randy James - Principal, St. Rose of Lima of Lima Elementary School - [email protected]


Brad Sizemore - Director of Religious Education - [email protected]


Suzanne Kahler - Parish Pastoral Council Secretary



Elected Members


Vacant(Chair) - Liturgy         


Vacant(Vice-Chair) - Evangelization        


Pam Alexander - Liturgy

Joyce Bankowski - Evangelization     



Al Savard - Pastoral Ministry


Brandy Goodman - Ecumenism and Interfaith Concerns


Joe Bunty - Education


Racheal Nicholas - Education


Walt Kuhl - Education


Clifton Laughman - Education


Heather Sizemore - Education


Vacant - Education



Vacant - Ecumenism and Interfaith Concerns


Walter ‘Doc’ Zimmerman - Social Concerns and Outreach